about moodie

Moodies are text messages/posts you can upload to your account. You can change the background color of your profile and your moodies, to show everybody your mood and your feelings (or just to be creative). Follow your friends and you will always see their recent Posts. You can also like or write comments to their moodies. If you don't want strangers to see your posts, you can set your profile on private.

about me

I'm 13 years old, I live in Winterthur (Switzerland) and I really like programming. I wanted to creat something new and because of this I created moodie. Moodie is my biggest and greatest project until now and I like to work on it. My dream is, to publish it in the play store, so that every one is abled to use it. Of course a social network needs some users - otherwise it would get very boring. It would be nice, if you invite some friends to download moodie or at least tell them about it.

write me

If you have questions or wanna give me feedback, send me an e-mail or write me on instagram. I really wanna know what you are thinking and you can also help me to make my application better.

thank you for visiting my page